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17 "So often people write to complain about service concerns, I have always chosen to write when I have received excellent service. I take pictures of kids in sports events at our local school that are friends of our family or my children. I wanted to have some pictures printed in poster format for graduation and due to my own procrastination needed them by today 5/25, for the graduation parties this weekend. Therefore 2 days ago I contacted your company to see if I could get them printed and shipped to me by today. I have an account through Photoreflect that I just started using but wanted to speak to you directly to make sure that I could get the product I needed on time. I was told specifically to dial 0 and ask for Stephanie in receptions to find out. I did contact Stephanie and was very impressed with her knowledge of your product and her willingness to help me out. She was very patient in helping me set up my account and answering my repeat calls when I came into something I did not understand. She also had me call back with my order # to make sure it got processed so I could receive it today. I really felt she went above and beyond what I could expect and would like to pass along my compliments to you for having such a fine employee to help me out. I will continue to due business with your company not only because of your quality products and good service but also due to the great service Stephanie provided me. It is people that make companies great and Stephanie appears to be a great employee."

18 "Hi I am a professional photographer shorting mostly weddings and I have recently started shooting digitally and I must say so far I LOVE you guys! Your Matte prints are great (I am glad you offer them), your service is fast and the quality is is nice to find a place like yours. As a Pro I have a suggestion that would make a Pros life easier. I notice the thumbnails are numbered, it would be awesome if you numbered the prints on the back to match the numbers on the thumbnails...that is how traditional pro labs do it. Makes it easy for us to place an order from our customer. Let me know if that is a possibility. Thanks and please keep up the quality!"

19 "I just received a 20x30 print that you made from a scan I sent you of one of my underwater photographs. I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the print and the extreme care that was taken to package the print for shipping. My business is photography, and I am so insistent on selling nothing but the highest quality prints that I have been paying for custom photo enlargements at the best lab in town. As you can imagine, this cuts heavily into my profit margin. The print you made for me is better that what that lab could do, even if they used Ilfochrome, and your price is considerable less expensive. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Keep up the good work. Please forward this to all concerned so they will know how much their hard work is appreciated. Thank you."

20 "The upload status window is a very welcome addition! Awesome site! Excellent Service! Great Print Quality! Good Prices! Keep up the good work..."

21 "You guys are awesome. Thanks!"

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