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Use of the ezprints Screen Calibration Image

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Downloading the Image

Obtaining our screen calibration image is quick and easy- all you need is a valid user account. There is no cost to you to receive the image, as we want you to be able to see the best results from the quality prints you order from ezprints. Simply Log In to your ezprints account and navigate to the Screen Calibration page in our Help section. There, you can verify that your mailing address is correct, click a button, and the 8x10 image will be printed and mailed out in 3-5 days free of charge to you!

Screen Calibration Image
If you are logged in to your account,
Request your copy of the ezprints calibration image here

Adjusting your Monitor Settings

By using the calibration image, you can match the colors displayed on your screen with those that will be printed by our printers. Doing this ensures that the photographs you order will come back looking as clear and color-balanced as the images you sent in for processing.

Just like on TV sets, most operating systems include software "controls" to allow you to adjust the color balance on your screen. On a PC, these settings can be found in your Control Panel under "Display" and might look like this example. Sometimes, your monitor itself will have controls with which to change the color balance.

Adjusting the Color Balance
Comparing your screen colors with
the color calibration image
(image will be 8x10)

How can I get another image?

Our calibration image is intended for one time use free of charge to you. For this reason, we've allowed a single free order from our Screen Calibration page. Should you find that you need another calibration image, please contact our support team by email at or by calling them at the lab at where they will gladly assist you with your request.

You can get another image if you need one
Email ezprints support to obtain another image.

Open this link to view the calibration image

ICC Profiling

To maximize the accuracy between what you see on the screen and what comes off of our printers, you may want to download our ICC profiles and use them to soft proof your images. For more information, visit our ICC Profiling Help page.


Calibration Image: The screen calibration image is simply an image we've chosen which displays a range of colors that allow you to compare the output from our printers to the color-balance on your computer monitor or screen. By comparing these differences and adjusting your monitor's color settings to match the calibration image, you will be ensured that the digital images you see on your screen will then be printed out in the same colors with minimal variation in brightness, contrast, and hue. [top]

Control Panel: In the Microsoft Windows Operating System, the Control Panel is where you are able to make adjustments to most of the applications on your computer. Get there by clicking on the "START" button and then "SETTINGS" under which you will see "CONTROL PANEL" (Hint: as a shortcut, choose "RUN" and type in "Control") Here, look for and select "DISPLAY". This will open a new window showing you various Display properties. Finally, choose "SETTINGS" and then "ADVANCED." Here you will find the settings for your monitor's display adapter (the look will vary by Brand Name) but you should also find a control which will allow you to adjust your monitor's color settings. [top]

Photo Album: Photo Albums are a safe and convenient way to share photos with family and friends across the internet. A Customer account is needed to log in to your album, upload, share images, and to order prints and products. If you haven't done so, you can create an album today! [top]

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