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Use of coupons

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Using Coupons in your Shopping Cart

To use your coupon, log into your photo album and select the picture(s) you want to order by placing them into your shopping cart. Once in the Cart, enter the exact coupon code into the box in the upper right corner of the page and the discount will be reflected in your order's total! If you don't have a photo album, create one here then follow these instructions.
*NOTE* Coupons can be used in our online shopping cart as well as with our CD/ZIP ordering software. At this time, coupons are not supported when using our upload software client.

Where to Copy your coupon information in order to redeem
copy & paste your coupon code into the coupon box in your shopping cart

"Where can I get coupons?"

Coupons and promotional offers are emailed out periodically to our customers and can be received simply by being on our customer contact list. To ensure you will receive yours, make sure you have a valid customer account and make sure the box for receiving email is checked. You also can specify if you would like to receive email in plain text or HTML format.

How to ensure you'll get our coupons and offers
to ensure you'll get coupons, make sure the Send Email?
box is checked in your customer information


HTML: HTML email has the look of a web page (like this page, for example) but arrives in your email. In an HTML formatted email there can be pictures, colors, images and reference links, just like any web page you see. To receive HTML formatted email, you need to have your email program set up to do so, otherwise you'll get a message full of unformatted characters (a.k.a. "garbage") that will be unfriendly to read. [top]

Photo Album:
Photo Albums are a safe and convenient way to share photos with family and friends across the internet. A Customer account is needed to log in to your album and upload and share images, and to order prints and products from it. If you haven't done so, you can create an album today! [top]

Plain Text: Email in "plain text" format is unformatted email like you receive everyday. There are no pictures, colors or fancy fonts, it is just simply the text and can be handled by any email application you might be using. [top]

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