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Help With Image Fit & Crop

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If you choose the FIT option, your entire digital image will be scaled to fit within the print or product boundaries. Extra space on the print around the edges will be filled with white space.  In this example, you see the white borders left on a landscape format print after 'Fit' has been selected.  Simply put, your photo is scaled in, either by width if landscape, or by height if portrait, to fit into the print size dimensions.

Selecting 'Fit' for your image
Fit   The "Fit" option selected


The CROP option automatically sizes your image to fill the entire print. This option shows the most detail in the center of your photo, but may chop off the outer edges. In this example, you see that the image has been slightly enlarged to fill the dimensions of the print size. Inversely from the 'Fit' option, the outside edges of your image will be cropped out, as they end up being larger than the print size. This option will leave no white space around the photographs you order.

Selecting the 'CROP' option for your image
Crop   The "Crop" Option Selected

Ship to:

Address where order will be shipped to. Addresses may be added in your 'Address Book' to allow multiple shipping destinations from a single order.  If you desire to ship your entire order to yourself, simply use the default settings for your shopping cart. You will see "SELF" as the shipping option recipient.

NOTE: If you desire to ship your entire order to a single address other than your own, choose that address as default either before selecting any images to put in your shopping cart using the "My Address Book" link from the menu, or BEFORE selecting any products in your shopping cart using the "Address Book" button in the shopping cart. This will ensure that all products are automatically selected for that address, otherwise you will need to manually set each item.

Of course, you can individually select items in your total order to be shipped to as many addresses as you have in your address book. At the time of check out, you will see each address as a separate line item in your invoice and can confirm that the prints are set up to be shipped where you desire.

Your Address Book
Your Address Book

Selecting your shipping address for your order
Selecting the "Ship To" Address
in your shopping cart


Address Book: This is where set your default shipping address as well as add other shipping addresses  for use with your photo album  The address that is selected as default will be the location to where your order will be shipped.  You may also use the other addresses in your book to ship part or all of your order during the ordering process.    [top]

Fit: The Fit option will force "Fit" your original image to the size of the print or product you are ordering.  For example, if your original image was a 960 x 1280 Portrait format image (tall)  and you were ordering a 5x7 print, the print you received back after processing would have a white border along the top and bottom of the picture, because the 960 pixel width would fill to the edges of the 5x7 print faster than the 1280 pixel height, thus leaving the extra white space.  To put it another way, in this example, the original image is a 1: 1.33 aspect ratio (1280÷960=1.33) and the 5x7 print (at 300 dpi resolution) is 1500 x 2100, which is a 1:1.4 aspect ratio.  Since the original image is shorter than the print size, we are left with the white spaces.  [top]

Crop: The  crop option automatically sizes your image to fill the entire print. This option shows the most detail in the center of your photo, but may chop off the outer edges.  When using the crop option, remember that part of the original image will be cut off at the edges as your image subject is enlarged to fill the entire print space.   [top]

Ship To: The "Ship To" column in your shopping cart allows you to select whom you would like to ship each particular print or product to.  You can have your entire order shipped to someone other than yourself, or you can split your order and have it shipped to several people in different places at once.  It's all up to you.  See the "Ship To" help above for instructions on how this works.    [top]

Shipping Options:  We offer everything from next day air to standard USPS ground shipping.  Your order's shipping total will be calculated based on the number of products you order (some are odd shapes and or odd sizes) as well as your location away from our print house.   [top]

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